The superior characteristics of ECOSPEED are due to its Glassflake-reinforced Vinylester resin which provides 100% Corrosion & Erosion protection, with a 10-year warranty.

Given that ECOSPEED is a TBT-free and 100 % non-toxic coating system without biocides, there is a regular need though for hull cleaning, as it lets algae accumulate (being non-toxic).

That said, this practice, despite the fact that it is not so commercially viable albeit necessary for containing NIS, contributes to the hull smoothness in contrast to the dominant coatings that deteriorate with time. For this reason, its variant ECOSHIELD, which is quite a success to Greek prominent Ship-Owners provides an extended warranted protection at critical points, but not for total hulls, such as rudders, tunnel thrusters, bows, scrubber overboard pipes etc. that are prone to cavitation and pitting corrosion. Furthermore, a third variant, ECOLOCK (see attached) has been the market standard for stationary or semi-stationary structures’ long-term protection.