We hereby would like to introduce you to our Principals’ HYDREX newest technology for propeller cleaning: propeller buffing. This technique essentially distinguishes itself from the common practice of propeller polishing by the use of a less coarse abrasive.

It cannot be avoided that by the practice of propeller polishing a very fine layer of the propeller’s
material is also removed along with the marine fouling, as a result of the sanding effect. Even though
the propeller is clean and shiny afterwards, it also leaves scratches on the blade face. On the long term
this may even affect the propeller’s hydrodynamic properties.

As our propeller buffing tools are much softer than the customary (diamond) polishing discs, propeller
buffing is a less harsh method than propeller polishing. It does remove calcium layers and marine fouling
as efficiently, but it does not harm the propeller material itself, resulting in an ultra-smooth, mirror-like