Worth Noting points of our US principals’ fast-spreading Strongwell FRP Gratings:

1. FRP Grating with USCG Certificate in full compliance with ASTM F3059.

2. In accordance with OCIMF 2020, Strongwell FRP Grating is the only material that meets the requirements for electrical conductivity and cryogenic temperatures.

We would like to elevate your kind attention to the technical superiority of Strongwell FRP Gratings, especially nowadays, due to the escalated applications of FRP Gratings on LPGC Drip Tray, apart from passages, bridge wings, Wheelhouse Window Platform, Steering Gear Room etc., instead of stainless-steel gratings as cited hereby and dictated by the recently updated 2nd edition OCIMF Manifold requirements in 2018.

In this spirit, please keep in mind that our Strongwell Black Conductive Coated FRP Gratings is in full compliance with OCIMF Manifold requirements assuring profound benefits against metallic & other FRP inferior gratings.

OCIMF Manifold 2nd edition, 2018 (Grating Section – Added)

3.4 Gratings

Manifold drip tray gratings should be of a material that is not adversely affected by spilled product. All manifold grating should be secured to the drip tray structure to provide a firm, non-skid, working surface that is free from any protrusions that personnel may trip on, and would be interface with operations.

The grating support structure and the drip tray structure should be designed with sufficient additional load bearing capacity to take the loading from the loading arm jacks. In the absence of any other requirements, it is recommended that gratings should be designed to withstand a load of 1 tonne per sq. meter. For LNG carriers, consideration should also be given to the load(including dynamic loading) from STS equipment.

It is recommended that grating material is dissipative or electrically conductive in accordance with the latest IEC Standard 60079-32. The grating should be secured to the adjacent supporting structure by a method that ensures a positive earthing arrangement to the ship’s structure.

The grating material should also be resistant to mechanical damage from dropped objects on the manifold working area and to exposure to the marine environment. The grating should be removable in easily handled sections to permit access to the drip tray.