High quality in-water ship-repair and fuel savings services

HYDREX UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGY offers turnkey underwater repair solutions to shipowners wherever and whenever they are needed. Hydrex’s multi-disciplinary team can help to find the best solution for any problem encountered with a ship below the water line. Divers and technicians are immediately mobilized to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

Every single day that a ship stays off-hire, causes the owner a substantial loss of money. This is where Hydrex comes in, in order to provide the owner with the most flexible and fastest assistance, throughout any underwater repair or maintenance operation of the ship.

This can only be done successfully by people who have familiarity with such challenges and the relevant know-how to resolve all of the technical difficulties. This is why all Hydrex staff around the world undergo stringent training, after which they are able to perform a wide range of operations. They can carry out both simple and complex jobs even in the harshest of circumstances and achieve the same high quality without unnecessary loss of time.

To be able to provide a large part of this training in-house and to offer the fastest possible service to customers, Hydrex offices have fast response centers where an extensive range of state-of-the-art logistics, tools and diving support equipment is available at all times for the Hydrex underwater teams. These fast response centers enable Hydrex to mobilize its diver/technician teams immediately to all kinds of operations and perform underwater repair and maintenance work in a very tight timeframe.

Seal Repair and Replacement

Hydrex has carried out  repairs and replacements on all types of seals underwater and on site for a number of years now. Hydrex has developed the technology that enables stern tube seal replacements to be done on site and underwater.

Thruster Repair and Replacement

Hydrex can assist shipowners with almost any problem they encounter with their vessel’s thruster. A wide range of repair or maintenance work can be carried out to any type of thruster

Propeller Repair and Modification

By straightening propeller blades or cropping them, Hydrex can restore the propeller’s balance and bring its performance back to its optimum condition.

Hull Repair

Hydrex on site hull repair services include the renewal of both small and large areas of damaged hull plating. These repairs can be carried out above or below water, according to the circumstances.

Rudder Repair

Hydrex can perform permanent repairs on any type of rudder while the vessel remains at anchorage and cargo operations can continue.

Hydrex’s emergency response lines are operating on a standard 24/7 basis and many customer testimonials prove the efficiency & effectiveness of the Hydrex operations.