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Exclusive & authorized representation of reputable marine & offshore equipment.

Advanced coating systems – Lifetime Protection  against Chemicals, Erosion, Ice damage , Cavitation ,UV Exposure,

ECOFIX & ECOSHIELD: Restore Rudder cavitation / Protect High Erosion areas

ECOSPEED: Scrubber Washwater/Ice Navigation

ECOLAST: UV Exposure

Zhejiang Energy Marine Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (“ZEME”) is mainly engaged in the design, R&D, manufacturing of marine environmental protection products as well as complete EPC engineering and their technical support. At present, it has successfully completed a series of SOx scrubber systems installations globally and formed alliances with large ship owners for further exploration of decarbonization. Cooperation agreements for more than 260 sets of Scrubber Systems in 2023 with major Chinese shipyards from north to south, as well as overseas shipyards in Turkey, Dubai, Oman, etc..

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