N. Bogdanos Marine  Bureau  is happy to announce the collaboration agreement  with  ‘HYDREX N.V.’, Antwerp, Belgium – for promoting and supporting its brand “Hydrex in the Greek market.

Hydrex provides the most flexible and fast assistance in any underwater repair or maintenance operation of the ship. Can carry out both simple and complex jobs even in the harshest of circumstances and achieve the same high quality without loss of time, by mobilizing its diver/technician teams immediately to virtually any destination. Typical underwater operations are seal repair & replacement, thruster repair & replacement, propeller blades repair & modification, hull repairs, rudder repairs etc.

Both Bogdanos Marine and HYDREX N.V. are convinced that this collaboration will bring Hydrex closer to the vast Greek shipowners’ community and that its vessels will enjoy the benefits that this services can offer, like many owners from other parts of the world have, from 2000 till today.