Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Gratings is a wise grating materials selection, albeit not necessarily included in the initial makers’ list.

Kindly note that a progressively increasing number of major South Korean Shipyards have started specifying FRP Gratings especially on drip tray area due to comparable cost as well as their supreme properties compared to steel (i.e. lighter, totally corrosion-free features, etc.), also critical to ensuring ship’s crew protection from dangerous slippages.

Why FRP over Steel (please see attached comparison):

#1 High strength to weight ratio;
#2 Impressively Lightweight;
#3 Easy Installation (no welding);
#4 Slip Resistance;
#5 Corrosion & Maintenance Free (No Painting/Renewal required);
#6 Fire Retardance and Low Temperature Resistance;
#7 Extensive Track of Successful applications;
#8 Favourite material of Oil Majors.

In this spirit, appreciating the profound benefits of this material, it is of equal importance the Owners to opt for the correct quality of FRP Gratings against occasional yards’ orientation towards low grade unacceptable FRP makers.

Our Principals Strongwell USA’s DURAGRID Phenolic FRP Pultruded Gratings covering all Shipyards via the stock in our Korean counterparts offer much superior characteristics against low grade molded Gratings (usually China-made) as indicatively mentioned hereunder:

Why FRP Putruded over Molded Gratings (please see attached):

#1 Higher glass content leading to premium strength-to-weight ratio (2 to 3 times stronger)
#2 Better Impact, Thermal & Corrosion resistance;
#3 Higher Ranking non-skid surface properties;
#4 Global Technical Support Network;

Putting it simply, only Strongwell IEC-standard conductive coated FRP Gratings can meet the full test requirements of ASTM-F3059 and OCIMF Manifold requirements (including the Cryogenic Tests), as also defined by all IACS and the USCG (all reports available)