Magnetic crawler solutions for steel surface preparation, cleaning and more – The Safest & most Efficient solution for Cargo Holds Cleaning

  • Vertidrive M8 - Magnetic Crawler for Cargo Hold Cleaning

N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau proudly introduces: Cargo Hold Cleaning Magnetic Robot M8, by Vertidrive

The VertiDrive M8 is an innovative cargo hold cleaning solution that helps ship owners, operators and their crew to perform their cleaning work safer, faster and more cost-efficient. The integrated lane assistance functionality and the adjustable preset cleaning programs ensure the M8 robot stays perfectly on track with a high level of control on quality and cleanliness. VertiDrive is the world leading innovative company for magnetic robot crawlers with applications as hydro blasting (hydroblasting, water jetting, UHP blasting), abrasive blasting (wet/dry) and more.

Advantages when cleaning dry/liquid cargo:

  1. Consistent quality cleaning, reaching all difficult spots
  2. Elimination of vessel stay in port, as it can clean en route
  3. Reduction of cleaning time, water and detergent consumption
  4. It is transportable (75kg, divisible in 2 parts, with 50m range and 500 bar water jet pressure, via fully rotating arms.

Taking the opportunity from the recent guidance provided by the UK P&I Club pertinent to universal fall in Cargo Hold.

Work aloft in any circumstances requires careful planning and implementation of appropriate safety precautions taking into account the possibility of unexpected ship motion and the limitations of available equipment. In the case of hold cleaning, the crew are not expected to take unreasonable risks in complying with a commercial requirement of presenting clean holds in readiness to load the next cargo.

With the M8 VERTIDRIVE Robotic Cargo Hold Cleaning Magnetic Crawler at work, a smooth transition into a new era of safe cargo hold cleaning is achieved building on the instantaneous benefits and the inherent efficiency of this fast-spreading method.

The concept behind this compact, innovative but well-established and reliable Robot with its special users-friendly features is the following in brief:

  1. Increased Safety Standards via fast, safe and reliable semi-automatic operation
  2. Efficient Cargo Hold Cleaning via 500bar HP hydro-blasting in all directions
  3. Cleaning while ship is underway from port of loading to port of discharge
  4. Minimization of detergents and water consumption derived from High-quality adjusting pressure & flow spray nozzles
  5. Easy and light transport, assembled In 2 pieces of 35kg each, fast assembly/dismantling in under 1 minute
  6. Short Payback