Magnetic crawler solutions for steel surface preparation, cleaning and more.

VertiDrive is the world leading innovative company for magnetic robot crawlers with applications as hydro blasting (hydroblasting, water jetting, UHP blasting), abrasive blasting (wet/dry) and more.

N. Bogdanos Marine Bureau proudly introcues: Cargo Hold Cleaning Magnetic Robot M8, by Vertidrive

Advantages when cleaning dry/liquid cargo:

  1. Consistent quality cleaning, reaching all difficult spots
  2. Elimination of vessel stay in port, as it can clean en route
  3. Reduction of cleaning time, water and detergent consumption
  4. It is transportable (75kg, divisible in 2 parts, with 50m range and 500 bar water jet pressure, via fully rotating arms.

Vertidrive Netherlands is the world’s leading manufacture of magnetic robot crawlers for heavy duty jobs, with many years of experience.


The VertiDrive M3 robot carrier was designed to execute a variety of jobs on steel surfaces, such as washing, grit-blasting and hydro-blasting.

The robot sticks to the surface with powerfull permanent magnets in the drive assembly, allowing it to operate on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces.


The VertiDrive M4 hydroblasting robot was designed to carry out closed hydroblast operations on steel surfaces. All water and paint
is collected using a vacuum system. Inside the blast can, a self-rotating nozzle bar with sixteen nozzles ensures a clean and constant result.


The VertiDrive M7 Robot was designed to traverse steel surfaces on horizontal, vertical and overhead axis. It sticks to the surface with powerfull permanent magnets in the drive assembly. The M7 can be equipped with standard cleaning and blasting applications. Also, custom engineered solutions can easily be mounted.