It is our great pleasure to introduce BlueSonic, the IMO D2 & USCG-approved Ballast Water Management System of our renown principal SKF, covering in optimal way your vessels’ BWT needs for any capacity from below 250m3/h and up to 1,500m3/h.

SKF’s BlueSonic BWMS is designed with your vessels’ needs in mind and is based on the experience collected for BWMS installed during last decade, eliminating known defects of many of them and focusing on sound technologies that avoid a single day’s delay in vessel schedule
SKF’s BlueSonic retrofits are based on 360° project management, i.e. from system design, 3D-scanning, installation on board (incl. piping & wiring) to integration into the existing Ballast Water System, Class-Certification, crew training and the 24/7 availability of SKF’s global network

The concept behind this new, compact, innovative but well-established and reliable BWMS with its special crew-friendly features is the following in brief :

– Core technology : UV-radiation combined with US (UltraSound) system for the automatic cleaning of the UV lamps.
– Primary treatment : Mechanical filtration via automatic backflushing filter of 20μm mesh size
– Holding time : No limitation for IMO, 24 hours for USCG
– Chemicals / CIP : Not required / No consumables / No Acids
– Flow control : ‘’One Valve Only’’ principle.
– Total Pressure Loss (Filter+Reactor) : 0,4-0,8 Bar
– De-ballasting : Water quality continuously monitored by UV sensor in reactor
– Installation : Very flexible, reactor can be fully rotated at any angle (360°)
– Footprint / Power for a 750m3/h system : 2,08×1,35×1,85 / 188Kw
Seawater limitations : None. Any water salinity & temperature.

If the above BWTS capacity range and OPEX/CAPEX advantages fit your vessels’ needs, we will be happy to elaborate more with you at your own convenience and provide you with the most competent, SKF-reliable tailor-made retrofit proposal.