How HiBallast works?

HiBallast is a disinfection system by electrolysis of sea water

• Components : filter, Electrolysis Unit, Neutralization Unit, TRO Sensing Unit
• Required seawater capacity for electrolysis : only 1% of total ballast capacity
• Disinfectants : Sodium Hypochlorite
• Neutralizing agent : Sodium Thiosulfate
• Safety first : No harmful to human & vessel, No dangerous by H2 gas separation, No risk to ballast tank coating

• No changes of the existing ship design
• Space-saving installation by modularized design, well suitable for retrofit

• Feedback control of each unit with Human Machine Interface
• Automatic and manual operation
• Automatic TRC(Treatment Rated Capacity) control

• Low fuel cost by low power consumption
• Long lifetime of electrodes

• Modular type system
• Easy replacement by engineer / ship crew
• Global support and worldwide A/S network

• Any type vessel including Oil Tanker, Container, LNG & LPG Carrier
• Ballast water capacity : 75 ~ 10,000 m3/hr