HI AIR KOREA is a well known marine equipment manufacturer, a leading HVAC Package supplier and specialist in manufacturing air handling units (AHU), Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS), chilled water plants, and all products used for Air-conditioning and Ventilation system. The headquarters is located in Gimhae, South Korea, with two more manufacturing plants in the area.


The Technology

The HAK Scrubber is an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) designed and manufactured in Korea. It is IMO, Class  approved, and  is designed in I-type configuration with packing included, hence  exhaust gas by-pass is allowed when the scrubber not in use, while maintaining back pressure allowances. It is highly efficient and can be optimized for 0,5% or 0,1 % sulfur requirements. The system is available both in open loop and in closed/hybrid mode depending on your operating profile


Retrofitting EGCS – The challenge

The installation of an Exhaust Gas Cleaning system onboard an existing vessel requires proactive planning. Applying this to a large fleet is a massive challenge to accomplish within the planned schedule. Our Bureau’s experience in Scrubber installations is constantly building up by supporting the owners who have pioneered into customizing their fleet to tackle the new low sulphur trading from 2020 onwards.

Images Of Our Workplace