In case you are already in the process of installing suitable scrubbers, we believe that our principals Hi Air Korea {HAK} (whom you certainly know since long ago from their renown HVAC&R products) can offer you fast & cost-efficient solutions for your planned projects (retrofit or newbuildings) to satisfy the cap rule. Your timing is also most probably right, as the VLSFO-HFO380 spread is already approaching USD120/ ton.

The concept behind this compact, innovative but well-established and reliable EGCS with its special crew-friendly features is the following in brief :

  • HI AIR Scrubber water eliminator & tower body (Lower & Upper Part) is full SMO 254;
  • 0.5% & 0.1% SOx optimization;
  • HAK scrubber design meets the IMO requirement for the washwater;
  • Installation : Very flexible with Multi-Optional Connections;
  • Low Operating Cost