Genoil Inc. is the Canadian technology leader for many years in the US Oil & Gas sector and Crystal OWS is a state-of-the-art US Coast Guard & ABS certified system that exceeds IMO’s MEPC 107(49) rulings, producing below 5ppm clean discharge, even with 100% oil effluent and ship listing 22.5°.

Crystal OWS is a six-stage patented & proven design, manufactured & supplied by Donghwa Entec of Busan, Korea and comes with the following essential customer benefits:

  • Low power consumption, 0,3-0,5 KWh/m3
  • No costly filter elements, no use of chemicals
  • No moving parts, hence no maintenance
  • Handles all emulsions and a wide range of densities with no particle size limit
  • Extremely compact, 1/5 of customary footprint, ideal for tight engine rooms
  • Produces dry oil that can be used by other utilities on board
  • Performance is unaffected by chemicals or detergents in the bilges
  • Simple unattended operation with low downtime and outstanding reliability
  • Engages a comprehensive variety of units in the range of 0,25-10m3/h or multiples
  • Ideal both for retrofitting outdated or malfunctioning units and for newbuildings

We are available to respond to your enquiries or discuss in more detail your specific projects, ensuring your company’s compliance with the MARPOL requirements.