EYDE Mooring Solutions AS is a Norwegian based company specializing in Deck machinery with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Deck machinery suitable for any vessel size/type

  • Upgrades and modifications of mooring arrangements

  • Mooring Line Tension Monitoring Systems

  • Electric System Upgrades

  • Technical Support and Service

Why choose EYDE Mooring Solutions?

  • Dedicated winch experts with 20+ years of experience

  • Global Support Network with Fast response

  • All key components supplied from Europe

EYDE Mooring Solutions is the story about passion for the marine industry, years of experience, the drive to build a global business from the South of Norway, and foremost the belief that we can through our dedication and knowledge help our customers being successful by delivering the needed Mooring solutions for them.



ø60 to 127 mm K3

Mooring Winches

120 to 350 kN pull

Drive Systems HPU’s

400 to 950 l/min

Technical support and access to spare parts when needed is essential for all marine businesses. We offer a wide range of Services & Spare parts for all the needs and demands of your windlasses and mooring winches.