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ISS Machinery Services Japan, which provides the marine world with an extensive range of machinery, spares & service, has come to a global business partnership with JFE Engineering Japan for the promotion of JFE’s BallastAce BWMS. N.Bogdanos Marine Bureau, an established technical & representation company in Greece since 1956, has partnered with ISS Machinery Services Japan for the sales of Japan’s JFE BallastAce to the Greek marine community.


JFE BallastAce is a Ballast Water Management System designed and manufactured in Japan. It is IMO, Class and USCG approved as AMS (2013), and uses the established Filtration & Chemical Injection Technology. It is highly effective in disinfecting fresh and turbid water causing no problems on the paint films and it operates with very low electricity consumption. It fits in any congested space, as its components are easy and flexible for installation. JFE offers a worldwide service & chemical supply network, making it an ideal solution for both newbuildings and retrofits.

JFE Engineering Corporation is a 100-year old Japanese company and with a current orderbook of almost 400 units, sixty of which already installed, BallastAce BWMS has already proven beyond doubt its profound techno-economic advantages.

JFE BallastAce® Key Features:

  • Effective & reliable Treatment Technology regardless to water conditions
  • Low electric consumption (3.65kW @ for 1,000m3/h capacity)
  • Low risk of mechanical failure and maintenance costs
  • Simple – easy to install and friendly to personel
  • Global additives supply & service network
  • Additives are safe for use and easy for handling. They are widely used in our daily life such as the disinfection of tap water and swimming pools
  • No problem to paint film on ballast tank coatings or ballast piping
  • Meeting the requirements of regulation D-2 is ensured
  • Type approval certificate issued from Japanese Government


Retrofitting BWTS – The challenge 

The installation of a Ballast Water Treatment System onboard an existing vessel will require comprehensive planning and our office can provide extensive support to the Owners who are looking into it.


Overview of the System:

In Ballasting


In De-Ballasting



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