China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (CSE) is a large-scale specialized diesel engine builder, which is jointly set-up by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and its holding companies CSIGP and CSICL. Established on April 28, 2017 and headquartered in Qingdao, CSE is the largest enterprise in low speed marine diesel engine industry in China and consists of three production bases including Yichang Marine Diesle (YMD), Dalian Marine Diesel (DMD) and Qingdaohaixi Marien Diesel (QMD). CSE holds 3 production licensees for low speed diesel engines branded with MAN, WIN GD and J-ENG, can provide all series of low speed engines ranging from cylinder bore 300mm to 950mm as well as commissioning and after services.\r\n


The 30 unit of testbeds in the three production bases, complete auxiliary system, the strongest lifting facilities (max.700 ton), and the series of dynamometers, enable CSE produce full series of low speed engines branded with MAN B&W, WIN GD and J-ENG, included duel fuel engines. Currently CSE\’s annual output is around 3.6 million BHP


MAN B&W Series Low Speed Engines MAN B&W is one of the most popular makers in the international main engine market. It holds the biggest market share globally and plays a leading role in the development of the technology for low-speed marine diesel engines. CSE is one of the most important partners for the two-stroke engine manufacturing in China and follows the progressive steps of MAN B&W. Bore Size from 300mm to 950mm.

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Low Speed Engines CSE is one of the most important partners of WIN GD  in China, as they have been cooperating for over three decades.  It has always been at the leading edge of manufacturing low-speed marine diesel engines by working closely with WARTSILA engineers (former SULZER) since 1979.  Bore Size from 350mm to 920 mm.

Japan Engine Corporation Series Low Speed Engines The J-Eng Series of two-stroke engines has stepped from Japan to the international shipbuilding market. It is preferred by owners worldwide for its reliability and economic performance. CSE is authorized with a License Agreement and has been successfully manufacturing J-ENG low-speed marine diesel engines ranging from 330mm to 800mm bore.